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Next appointment

A web documentary about minority diseases.


The El Mozote massacres

Rufina Amaya has been the most known survivor from El Mozote massacre and surroundings. But some -kids 30 years ago- ...


The forensic from the country of last things

This is a story where kids are frightening and men look, sorrowful, for some skeletons whom to call sons. To ...


Kids are kids

A small story on the right to an eduaction. This short documentary is part of “Next Appointment”.


Son of Eva

A  short documentary about a courage mother, about a child who suffers from a minority disease, Nacho, with just 14 ...


Good bye Mr. Flowers

Ramell has lived in Barceloan for 20 years. He came to fulfill his dream of becoming a model but it ...



O’barquiño is a galician bar lost in the streets of Raval’s neighbourhood. Manolo Carrión meets every Saturday old glories of ...


El Caminito

An important hotel business man allied with congressmen, police officers, mayors and gang members from El Salvador form the Texis drug ...

portada negre petita

Our biceps routine

Two people united by the passion for bodybuilding. A love story.


Fue peor lamentar que prevenir

In september 2007, the Record car battery factory, in El Sitio del Niño, was shut down by the Health and ...



Pachamama is the story of Alex a spiritual traveler who finished settling in Denmark and what reasons lead him to ...


Behind the poverty showcase

How the expierence of living in the streets turned into a profession.


Illegal Toys

When a stranger arrives in El Salvador is surprised by the normality of how people cohabits with fire weapons. Eduardo ...


A visible friend

Besøgsvennerne Glæden is a handicapped organization based in Aarhus that aims to change the general view of physical and mental ...


The ceiling of San Salvador

Almost 90 meters of altitud, two years to build, 25 hundred workers and 45 dollar millions. In Torre Futura work ...


Forestival 2012

April 30th 2012, the first edition of Forestival and to more INRI the wedding of our friends Antón and Miríam. ...


Vidas de cámping

Perpignan 2009. Three carachters, one italian, one french and one english, they live in a camping in south France, is ...


Antiquities shop

Video for an antiquarian.


Life, death and ressurrection of the Hotel de Montaña

In the Cerro Verde is located one of the most singulars constructions of El Salvador: The Hotel de Montaña. Since ...

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